Pacific Dunes

Bandon — Oregon, USA

This International Championship course, designed by Tom Doak in 1905 can be played at any time on simulator at Golf en Ville, the premier commercial indoor center of Paris

18 holes, Par 71 — Length: 6632 yards

Severity index: 3 — Difficult
Tee Champ Pro Amateur Junior Ladies
Slope 142 133 129 129 128
Rating 73 71 69 69 70

About Pacific Dunes

America's Best Golf Resort is located in Bandon, Oregon along a remote section of the Pacific coastline. You'll often hear people say it's harder to get to Bandon Dunes than it is Scotland.

Bandon Dunes Golf Resort is the brain child of owner Mike Keiser a wealthy businessman and passionate golfer who took a build it and they will come mentality. What he ended up with 18 years later is America's best golf resort. Bandon Dunes is a golf resort, not a luxury 5-star accommodation that offers golf as an activity. While at Bandon Dunes you'll be surrounded by people who love golf many of whom have travelled thousands of miles to play golf as it’s meant to be played.

Designed by Tom Doak, the course is memorable course with a lot of variety and balance: seven par 4s on the front side and four par 3s on the back along with three par 5s. In addition to the variety, what I love about Pacific Dunes is the balance.

Similar to Bandon Dunes, Pacific Dunes offers a lot of width on fairways, which is necessary given the winds. Unlike Bandon Dunes, there are places where you can lose a golf ball.

Another thing that separates Pacific Dunes from Bandon Dunes is that Pacific has more holes where you don’t need to hit driver.

Your biggest opponent in hitting GIRs is the wind. The greens appear to be generous targets, but are difficult to hit by the breeze. The greens are large but slightly smaller than at Bandon Dunes. Most of the greens have at least one significant ridge or mound in addition to the myriad devious wrinkles.

A final difference between Bandon and Pacific is that Pacific has fewer good areas to miss around the greens. Bandon Dunes has short grass stretching in all directions; Pacific Dunes has more bunkers, gorse, and steep elevations. You cannot expect to get up and down easily at this course.

Favorite Holes : #13 – Par 4, #3 – Par 5, #10 – Par 3, #11 – Par 3, #14 – Par 3.

Course tips, hole by hole

Hole 1, Par 4
Welcome to the first hole at Pacific Dunes. The fairway landing area is generous, so try to gauge your tee shot to leave 100-125 yards into the green. A tee shot left of center provides a better angle to this green nestled into the sand dunes.

Hole 2, Par 4
The best angle to approach the green is from the left side of the fairway, however, the left side features most of the trouble. Check your yardage and the wind to see if you can carry the middle bunker. With mounding on the left and right of this green, most balls will funnel toward the center.

Hole 3, Par 5
The view from the elevated tee presents the challenge of this par 5 as you head toward the Pacific Ocean. Choose your target either left or right of the second bunker depending on the wind. The second shot should favor the left center of the fairway to open up the green for your approach. Take enough club on approach as short shots tend to feed right toward the bunker.

Hole 4, Par 4
The entire length of this par 4 plays on the bluffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Take aim just right of the left fairway bunkers and hit it long. The approach shot should favor the left side of the green as a large slope front left directs balls to the right. Enjoy the view on the right but keep your golf ball left!

Hole 5, Par 3
With the prevailing wind at your back, you will need to play this hole significantly shorter than the actual yardage. A shot slightly left of this green will filter down onto the putting surface. This two-tiered green will challenge even the best putters.

Hole 6, Par 4
The sixth hole offers many options. Whatever you do, take enough club to carry the fairway bunker on the right. A shot to the right center of the fairway will give you the best angle into this slender green. If you find the left greenside bunker the best bet is to play out sideways. This green is extremely narrow and slopes dangerously off to the right.

Hole 7, Par 4
Regardless of wind direction, this is one of the most difficult holes on the course. If you are forced to lay up it is best to do so at about 85 yards to avoid bunkers. Approach shots that are not hit on line will fall prey to heavy contours in front of the green. While making your way to the green, notice the natural bunkering on the left side. It is quite remarkable.

Hole 8, Par 4
Into the prevailing wind, a drive favoring the left side of the fairway will avoid the fairway bunker on the right, and provide the best angle to the green. Getting your approach shot close at the eighth can be a chore. A false front and a large pot bunker guard the front of the green. A nice bail out area is long right where a steep slope can funnel balls back onto the putting surface.

Hole 9, Par 4
Check the sign on the tee to determine which green you are playing. The fairway is much wider than it appears from the tee. If the lower green is being used then keep your tee shot a little left of center; the steep sloped fairway will help you toward the hole. To the upper green, use the tallest mound in the fairway as your target. The center of the lower green features a large mound. The upper green slopes away.

Hole 10, Par 3
The biggest obstacle at this hole - besides the distraction of the scenery - is the thick rough and mounding left of the green. A large elevation change from the upper tee combined with the prevailing wind, make club selection critical on this par 3. Try to keep your ball flight low. A safe place to leave your approach is short of the green.

Hole 11, Par 3
This short par 3 is a strong challenge. The green is surrounded by native beach grass, bunkers, and gorse. Forget about the hole location and focus on getting your ball in the center of this green, the smallest on the course.

Hole 12, Par 5
A par 5 playing against the prevailing wind. Direct your tee shot at the cross bunker in the middle of the fairway. Check your yardage and the wind to make sure your second shot will clear that same bunker and if not, be sure to avoid it – there is plenty of room on either side. Don’t let the flat putting surface fool you, putts can be fast.

Hole 13, Par 4
Venturing into the prevailing wind, this long hole plays even longer. The fairway is more generous than it may appear from the tee. With a deep and elevated green it can be difficult to tell where the hole is located, so don't forget to take a peek at your hole location sheet.

Hole 14, Par 3
An approach that misses the green on this short, downwind par-3 leaves one of the most difficult up-and-downs on the course. Figure your yardage to the front of the green, because balls will certainly release to the hole.

Hole 15, Par 5
This hole offers a generous landing area off the tee, so relax and make a great swing. With the wind behind you, it is possible to reach this green in two shots. A slightly elevated green means a good short game will be rewarded.

Hole 16, Par 4
Check your yardage to the corner of this dogleg right hole. A long iron or fairway wood may be a good choice. Your best option from the tee is to play to the left side of the fairway. The green will open up from there. The green slopes from front to back and the approach is downwind. It is a challenge to hold this putting surface.

Hole 17, Par 3
A right-to-left shot shape is ideal. Deep bunkers protect the left front of the green, with a steep ridge running along the back.

Hole 18, Par 5
A sloping fairway toward an enormous left bunker puts a premium on your drive. Favor the left side of the fairway on your second shot to avoid trouble right. This green is slightly bowl-shaped so shots will automatically move toward the center. The greenside bunkers are nice to look at but not to be in.

Play Pacific Dunes in Paris on simulator

Come and have a good time with your friends or by yourself, and play a round on Pacific Dunes - or one of the other 99 international courses available - on simulator, in very realistic conditions. We're just 15 minutes away from the center of Paris and easy to go to by public transport (bus, tram, metro or train) car and there is plenty of parking spots around. Whether you've never played golf before, a beginner, a good golfer, or a pro, you will love it!

Our simulators are state-of-the-art but very easy-to-use. In one click, you can choose to play the full course or just a selection of holes; you can adjust several parameters and display modes and customize the gaming experience and difficulty: the tee-box that is right for you, wind strength, pin position, green speed, fairway hardness, etc ...) or you can simply pick the default settings and jump start your golf round. You can also try one of the 35 scoring systems available, for more fun.

You can also choose to take a golf lesson on this course, and enjoy the precision of trajectory and ball flight measures and the beautiful surroundings imagery.

Please note that the course severity index indicated above is meant in ideal conditions i.e. no wind, pin position easy,...
If you add some wind and choose other tougher settings, it's a different ball game, some courses can become very challenging....

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