Boditrak force plate

BodiTrak, is one of the world’s best reference tools for accurately measuring the dynamic ground pressure of the player during a swing. It uses a revolutionary probe technique designed for health applications.  BodiTrak is now available in Golf en Ville’s performance area and is generally used in combination with the Swinguru swing analyzer..

Force plate

All golf pros know the importance of lower body movement during a golf swing. The weight transfer rate and ground pressure settings are directly related to the speed of the clubhead.

Combined with the Swinguru system which integrates and displays BodiTrak data in real time, the player can now measure his lower body transfer with immediate feedback and improve his performance, distance and accuracy.

Weight Transfer = Power

The majority of tour pros manage to produce a phenomenal power with nothing but the lower body.

The majority of them exert 80% pressure on their backswing leg and 80% on the front leg on impact.

Some pros like Jason Day, measured on BodiTrak, go up to 95% pressure at the top of their backswing.

Using BodiTrak

We propose to use BodiTrak in connection with the Swinguru system.

Swinguru has the merit of simultaneously displaying data measured by BodiTrak in real time during a swing. The Swinguru display screen is easy to use and provides all the pressure measurements at each phase of the swing.

In particular, Swinguru allows simultaneous and synchronous display of the movements of the Center of Pressure (COP) measured by BodiTrak and the Center of Mass (COM) measured and computed by Swinguru. The conjunction of these two parameters makes it possible to analyse in a fine way the kinematics of the lower body of the player during a swing.