Golf en Ville’s Branding

About the Golf en Ville brand name

Golf en Ville is the brand name of the indoor golf club that made its appearance on the French market in 2013.

The catchword ‘Pleasure and Performance’ reflects the values put forward by the creator of Golf en Ville.

The objective is to offer users a high level of service and comfort and continuously improve the quality of sports and leisure activities.

Every year Golf en Ville keeps investing in improving technology and is constantly expanding its range of innovative services for golfers, non golfers of any age. As an original brand, Golf en Ville is gaining popularity for those who love golf, performance, relaxation and good home made cooking.

Hogan's golf swing

Ben Hogan is widely acknowledged to be one of the greatest ball strikers who ever played golf. Although he had a formidable record with 64 PGA tour victories, it is Hogan’s ball-striking ability that mostly underpins his modern reputation.

Hogan was known to practice more than any of his contemporary golfers and is said to have “invented practice”. On this matter, Hogan himself said, “You hear stories about me beating my brains out practicing, but… I was enjoying myself. I couldn’t wait to get up in the morning, so I could hit balls. When I’m hitting the ball where I want, hard and crisply, it’s a joy that very few people experience. He was also one of the first players to match particular clubs to yardages, or reference points around the course such as bunkers or trees, in order to improve his distance control.

Hogan thought that an individual’s golf swing was “in the dirt” and that mastering it required plenty of practice and repetition. He is also known to have spent years contemplating the golf swing, trying a range of theories and methods before arriving at the finished method which brought him his greatest period of success.

Source : Wikipedia

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