Golf en Ville – How it works

No, there is no subscription or membership needed to come and play.

You can check in at any time during the opening hours and enjoy the facilities.  Please check the price list and opening hours page.

It is strongly recommended to call to book a slot on Simulator, Flightscope or Swinguru.

If you are a regular visitor, please check the promotional subscription offers provided to you and save on golf fees.

For simulators, rates depend on time-of-use and the number of simultaneous players.

For the performance area (FlightScope radar, Swinguru swing analyzer, or BodyTrak plate), the fee is based on time-of-use.

You can book a slot for half-an-hour, 1 hour, 1 hour 30, etc … Please check the prices and opening hours page.

In general, it is strongly recommended to book, especially for golf for a round on simulator, Flightscope or Swinguru.

For any activity after 8PM, booking is mandatory.

For express catering specific to bridge players on weekends of federal competitions, it is also required to book.

Please see the opening hours

It depends on the number of shots you have to make … It can take 45 minutes from the back tees for a single player (which plays straight).

On average, it takes more than 1 hour per person for an 18-hole-round.
A Tour pro came to play with three friends, they made a complete round in 2h30.

You can come with your own golf bag. We ask you to make sure of the cleanliness of your clubs before playing on simulator. We put at your disposal a towel to clean the clubs.

If you do not have clubs, you can rent a golf bag of quality at a reasonable price (5 € for the standard bags, 8 € for the premium bags). We have bags for beginners, experienced players, steel or graphite, men, ladies, left-handed, right-handed. Please see our rates

Golf en Ville puts balls at your disposal. If you want to use the FlightScope radar, to calibrate your clubs or for a ball fitting, Golf en Ville will provide the type of balls that you usually play; we have the main type and brands of balls available. The use of your own balls can only be authorised if they are new and have no marks.

Check our course selector  and pick one of the 100 world-class fully-HD digitized golf courses available to play

Of course, all the pros are welcome at Golf en Ville. As a student, you can come with your pro. As a pro, you can come with your students. The rate of use of the facilities is identical to the rate for the number of students alone.

One of the special features of Golf en Ville is to offer home-made food at our restaurant.

We can eat and play at the same time.

However, food and drinks are prohibited on synthetic-turfed areas.

It is very easy to park at Golf en Ville in the back alley or in the Indigo car park located under the highway just opposite Golf en Ville.

Golf en Ville places at the disposal of its customers a limited number of spaces in its parking. For those who have a reservation, you must call to have access.

Please see the directions to come by car.

Golf en Ville is:
– 200 m (3 min) walk from the T2 tram and bus station [ Parc de Saint-Cloud ]
– 600 m (8 min) walk from the train station [ Saint-Cloud ]
– 750m (11 min ) walk from the [ Boulogne-Pont de Saint-Cloud ] Metro Station, line [ M10 ]

Children are welcome but they must be accompanied by their parents.

Children benefit from a special rate. Young confirmed golfers over the age of 12 can play without their parents.

Golf en Ville and indoor golf facilities in general are very suitable for beginners.
No need for a “green card”, no stress for the game following you, etc.
Mixed teams of confirmed golfer and beginner can organise a game in scramble to advance quickly.

Golf en Ville offers an express initiation to allow aspiring golfers to try golf, understand what is in a golf bag, and play a few holes.
In the context of corporate events, it is very common to conduct collective initiations and then organise team competitions involving all beginners.

Golf en Ville has developed a know-how of team-building animation including express initiation of beginners, team competition organisation.
Golf en Ville is very suitable for organising birthdays and other celebrations because the venue is very atypical and easy to access.
For golfers, this is an opportunity to gather friends golfers and non-golfers who coexist very nicely in the friendly atmosphere of our clubhouse, which is less the case in an outdoor golf.

You’re free to shoot your golf swing with your own camera.  if you use our Swinguru swing analyzer, you can create your own take-away video of the various 2D / 3D analyses and get simultaneous front view / side view of your swing and various speeds

A radar like Flightscope or Trackman is a launch monitor which measures club and ball movement.  it can be used standalone or as the detecting component of a simulator.
At Golf en Ville,
– the FlightScope radar is dedicated mostly to impact analysis, seeking performance improvement and also for golf lessons.
– Simulators are used for playing rounds on a course, for practicing on the range or for golf lessons. They feature highly efficient motion detectors, based on a dual infrared / audio technology whose performance and accuracy are very close to that of radars.