Golf lessons

A privileged place to take golf lessons

Technology, whether it's Trugolf simulators, the Flightscope radar, the Swinguru swing analyser or the BodiTrak platform, provides accurate measurements of ball trajectories and player's swing. This data is useful for the pro, to give his/her course and explain his/her diagnosis and for the student, to understand his/her points of improvement and to measure his/her progress.

Golf en Ville offers several golf coaches with distinct specialties and different availabilities.

An ideal place for teaching golf

Thanks to the quality of the pros working with Golf en Ville and the technology available in its performance zone, Golf en Ville is the perfect place to improve your performance and take a golf lessons.

All your moves will be decrypted and analysed as no other practice matt can do it.
Your progress becomes measurable.

Thanks to the technology that is available to me, my lessons are more effective … Laurent Jockschies

Laurent Jockschies, pro spécialiste du putting mais pas que...

Laurent Jockschiens intervient depuis fin 2017 à Golf en Ville. Spécialiste reconnu de putting et formateur de pros de la méthode Puttingzone. Il entraine beaucoup de pros et surtout proettes du tour.

Il a apporté avec lui beaucoup de « trainingaids » et quand on dit beaucoup, c’est une centaine !!!
Il apprécie le cadre haut de gamme de Golf en Ville, sa zone de putting de 50m2 et la technologie qui l’entoure. C’est un grand adepte de Swinguru, l’analyseur de swing, du driver au putter.

Laurent intervient sur tout l’enseignement de putting sa spécialité. Il anime beaucoup de cours collectifs de putting, notamment pour des associations.
Nous conseillons aussi Laurent pour tous ceux qui souhaitent passer un cap en terme de performance dans leur swing.

Cyril Ferran spécialiste de l’enseignement « golf plaisir »

Cyril Ferran est un pro de Golf depuis près de .////

Sa spécialité c’est le golf plaisir. En dehors de golf en Ville, son enseignement est sur les parcours en France ou au Maroc. Il est suivi par plus xxxx golfeurs.

A Golf en Ville on le conseille pour ceux qui veulent retrouver un swing naturel pour un golf plaisir.

Golf initiation

Our team has developed a golf initiation method inspired by best practices.

To adapt to the events that bring together golfers and non-golfers, our initiation program is fast-track by nature. You will be explained basics of posture and swing, what a golf bag is made of, how to plays the scramble game format. This will allow you to take pleasure as of the first swings and change the prejudices that some neophytes can have on golf.

It is suitable for groups, as part of a team-building for example, or for individuals passing by, happy to find a golf on their way, in the city and so close to Paris.

We also offer it to aspiring golfers who come with a group of more experienced golfers. This includes 5-to-10 minutes of initiation and the basics of a swing so that any beginner can play immediately in a team with his / her friends.

team building initiation de débutants

Putting specialty

Laurent Jockshies' golf putting practice at Golf en Ville is one of the most complete lessons ever designed.
It integrates not only the technical aspect of putting as practiced by the tour Pros, but also all the anatomical, physical, biomechanical, and statistical data available today.
The mental aspect is also covered through the latest research from neuroscience and can find all practical solutions at all levels of practice.
This lesson is for professional players, amateurs of all levels who know that effective putting is fundamental to score in competition.

Training Aids

Golf en Ville is happy to provide you with a comprehensive set of training aids that will allow you to identify and then work the gaps still existing in your swing. Acceleration, speed, putting, everything is at your fingertips.

Laurent Jockschies is the first ambassador in France of educational tools. Specially trained by Gary Wiren, former director of the USPGA and global specialist in the field.

Laurent will answer all your questions about your training.

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