Impact Analyser

Improve your performances with Flightscope

Access the same tools as the Pros

A FlightScope launch monitor is at the disposal of golfer in ou performance area to assist them in practicing and improve the performance of their shots.

This can be used alone or with a pro.

This radar is the reference of the professional market along with the TrackMan which has equivalent features.

What are radars and launch monitors used for

Tour pros

  • Club Calibration (Know Distances Accurately)
  • Training
  • Improving performance of shots

Golf en Ville

  • Club Calibration
  • Training
  • Improving performance of shots
  • Ball fitting


  • Fitting, i.e. seeking the club suitable to the body and game of the golfer
  • Club sales

Modes of use

  • Play – Shot by shot Measures (no logging)
  • Club Comparison – Comparative stats used for club calibration
  • Ball Comparison – Comparative stats used for ball analysis
  • Player Comparison – Comparative stats between two players
  • Swing Training – Measures without ball striking
  • Chipping – Comparative stats for chip shots

See what your clubhead does, what your ball's trajectory looks like

"You have to start by analysing your ball trajectory" according to Hank Haney, Tiger Woods coach for more than 7 years. Flightscope accurately measures, for each shot, 27 key parameters such as ball speed, different swing plane angles, the clubhead's angle-of-attack, speed and acceleration profile. The analysis of these indicators allows a fine diagnosis of the swing and the ball striking, essential to improving your distance, accuracy and consistency.

On their first visit, players are invited to create a FlightScope cloud account.
The entire data measured at each shot is saved and made accessible online at any time.
The visitor can also create and take a 'session report' in electronic format with tables analysing the main parameters and / or screens of the various measures performed. This history is kept and helps analyse the evolution of ones performances between two sessions.

Flightscope data

For each shot, the following data is measured:

  • Carry: Distance from the ball to its first pitch.
  • Total Distance: Distance after the 'roll'
  • Lateral distance: Deviation from the target axis.
  • Ball angles: Vertical and horizontal launch angles after impact
  • Maximum height of the ball: also referred to as 'Apex'
  • Ball flight time: From impact to first pitch
  • Classification: Type of shot (push, fade, draw, hook, slice).
  • Club speed: of clubhead at impact
  • Ball speed: of ball after impact
  • Smash Factor: Ratio of ball speed / club speed which measures the kinetic energy transmitted by the clubhead to the ball. This indicators tells you how solid you hit the ball and can reach 1.5 for driver