Swing Analyser

Analyse your swing with Swinguru and improve your performances

Swinguru is an easy-to-use very intuitive, interactive and innovative system which allows you to practice by yourself or with a coach. You can see instantly what your body does throughout the swing.

Swinguru provides synchronous 2D and 3D live pictures showing different views of the player that reveal key biomechanical details at all stages, which are usually invisible during traditional training on a practice mat.

Artificial Intelligence

The system and the 3D / 2D cameras automatically detect the player's swing, measure and record a series of parameters such as hip rotation, shoulder rotation or vertical head movement, as well as front and side video, which can be viewed immediately in replay on one of the screens or downloaded for later analysis.

Immediate Feedback

Swinguru allows the player to understand what is wrong with his/her swing and correct and see the result immediately and progress interactively. The player can thus associate his/her physical sensations with reality: for example you can see immediately if one is turning the shoulders, if you're lifting the head, if you're swaying, as well as the plan in which the club returns to the downswing, if you're releasing too early (casting), if you're staying in balance, etc ...

You can do a session with a pro or rehearse and review alone with immediate visual feedback

Expert system

Swinguru includes an expert system which performs a technical analysis of the swing and movement of the player's body at key moments (address, summit, impact, finish) and compares the body positions (head, shoulders, spine, elbows, knees ...) to some fundamentals

Possible problems are identified and the system gives a score for each swing phase:
1. Address, 2. Summit, 3. Impact, and 4. Finish, which allows in-depth analysis.

Integrated with FlightScope and BodiTrak

Golf en Ville now offers the opportunity to use Swinguru in integration with the FlightScope radar and the BodiTrak platform.

This allows you to analyse an unprecedented number of parameters of your swing in a synchronized way: what your body does, the pressure points on your feet, what your club head does and what the ball does. You can even send the video of your session to your pro and visually compare your swing to international reference swings of tour pros.

Swinguru Academy

Players can easily create an account at www.swinguruacademy.com .

The use of the ID and password specific to each player allows you to manage the measurements, videos and statistics of your swings at each session: automatically save and transfer for online storage, access and easy consultation at any time and sharing (to your pro for example) or on social networks.