Gift Vouchers

A voucher is a document which can be used by its holder to pay any golf service at Golf en Ville (such as time-slots on simulators, FlightScope or Swinguru), at the rates available on the day.  They can be used at any time, subject to reserving, to any condition and within the validity date specified on the voucher.

Some vouchers are also distributed as prizes of competitions organised by some Golf en Ville partners.  They are generally expressed in the form of a ‘duration of play’, such as ‘1h30 on simulator’ for example.  Specific contains may apply.

Gift vouchers can be purchased at Golf en Ville or ordered online using the form below. In the latter case, a printable electronic coupon in PDF format is sent by email. All you have to do is print the voucher and send it to the lucky recipient.

Unless otherwise specified, the validity date of vouchers is 12 months (or 6 months in certain cases of promotions).

Several types of vouchers are available:

  • ‘Discovery’ : This gift voucher has a purchase value of € 40 including tax, it allows, for example, to pay 1 game of 1 hour for 2 players, or 1 FlightScope or Swinguru session of 1 hour, at ‘winter’ rate in effect for winter 2019-2020.
  • ‘Pleasure’ : This gift voucher has a purchase value of € 80 including tax,
  • ‘Privilege’ : This gift voucher has a purchase value of € 140 including tax,
  • Alternatively, it is possible to opt for a different amount, depending on the client’s needs.

There are several possibilities to make the payment,

  • By bank transfer to Golf en Ville;
  • By check payable to Golf en Ville, addressed to 22 quai du Président Carnot, 92210 Saint-Cloud;
  • By Paypal to the order of the account; or
  • By cash, at Golf en Ville.




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